Business Starter Bundles

Strawberry Chronicles Digital Solutions is built on the premise that creativity fuels innovation. Each business starter package is a combination of strategy and art. Every element incorporated in the service supports your company goal or aim.





Are you a successful Amazon seller and is looking for a way to reinforce your company’s branding? Or are you perhaps just starting your business and have realized the need and importance of expanding your brand in social media?


You’ve landed on the right page!


So how can we go about making your brand known?

We have two areas of expertise: branding and social media management.

First – branding. Most of our clients are already making a lot of profit on Amazon but they still felt the need – the necessity to hire us. Why is that? It’s because of this – branding. We can’t emphasize it enough. Many make the grave mistake of putting up a bunch of products on their stores, running Facebook advertisements, and hoping that they’ll generate sales.

That is not enough. As a business person, you might have already realized the importance of knowing and establishing a relationship with customers. To do what large and successful brands are doing – to put so much effort in making and establishing a name.


On to business: if you don’t have a brand yet or just started your business, here’s how we can bring value to YOU:




We specialize in helping Amazon sellers establish a brand using e-commerce platforms such Shopify. However, we also help businessmen and women who are outside the e-commerce industry.


We will send you a proposal that you can’t resist!


Now that we have your brand, let’s start growing your business through social media!



Before anything else, we will be conducting a social media audit of all your channels (if you have social media platforms already) before we send a proposal.




We are not a fan of automated, social media bulk edits and posts. Again, we always emphasize that success in social media is achieved through real engagement. Moreover, each platform has its own specific design and template for posts and a number of automated tools were already banned by Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Our BRANDING and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING startup bundle will surely help you start off on the right foot.


These are the other bundles that we provide for your website or social media page:

a) company logo-making (which is free for the business bundles), (b) laser Facebook targeting, (c) lead-generating eBook creation, and (e) email marketing content creation.





Facebook Advertising

Facebook Laser Targeting – In-depth audience interest research (many advertisers fail because they don’t know how to do this.) 

Ad Strategy

Effective Ad Copy




The ad of the majority of e-comm store starters don’t convert even with this number of reach. Only effective ad copies, images, and VERY detailed targeting convert at first launch.







Gained the above result (958 people reached) ONLY after THREE days of advertising at $5/day. The ad will be scaled and optimized more as the campaign runs in order to result to conversions. We have a paid Facebook strategy funnel that will surely lead to conversions.


Social Media Graphics and Video Creation


Email Marketing




All of these support lead generation, brand awareness and reach, and the establishment of authority in your given field. 


No Shopify Store yet? We offer the following services too!



Each marketing package comes with the following:



Note: If you’re still looking for a great web hosting site, we highly  suggest subscribing to They have a proven high-quality service.

Individual prices are included if you don’t want to avail the whole package. Each bundle is offered monthly.




Individual Purchases

Didn’t find the business bundle you’re looking for? No problem. Just consult us! Email us at

We value the trust that our clients invested in us. We cannot of course promise immediate success in social media because (other paid Facebook ads) establishing connections and maintaining engagements with people take a long time. However, what we can surely offer you is our consistent, excellent service that will build a dynamic online community of LOYAL, PASSIONATE followers.

Expand your business NOW!